Joe Biden Evades Questions About Son's Shady Foreign Deals

Joe Biden Evades Questions About Son's Shady Foreign Deals

Joe Biden attempted to dodge questions about his son, Hunter Biden's numerous shady foreign dealings with countries like Ukraine and China when he was confronted about them on camera. As Breitbart reports:

Thursday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” ABC’s chief national correspondent Tom Llamas laid out some of the issues concerning some of former Vice President Joe Biden son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, which appear to have coincided with certain events during the elder Biden’s term as VP.

Joe Biden, a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, refused to answer questions about that topic when confronted on camera.

The report focuses on China and Ukraine, two places where the then-vice president was conducting diplomatic work, and the younger Biden.

  As more and more information comes out on his son's corrupt dealings with foreign leaders it will be increasingly difficult for Joe Biden to keep evading the tough questions.
 Source: American Update

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