Meghan McCain Slams President Trump

Meghan McCain Slams President Trump
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Meghan McCain, who is a co-host on "The View", recently slammed President Trump over his criticism of Spike Lee.

According to Fox News:

It doesn’t look like Meghan McCain’s view on the president is going to change any time soon.

McCain, who has repeatedly gone after Donald Trump in her role as co-host on ABC’s “The View”, this time took offense with the president’s critique of Spike Lee’s Academy Award acceptance speech.

“Art is political… I’m not one of these people who think everyone in Hollywood should shut the blank up,” McCain said, before turning her attention to Trump.

“We have a reality show president. He’s using his time this way and I don’t understand what the problem is, and I wish the Oscars and all awards shows would lean into it a little bit.

McCain went on to say that speaking truth after winning an award is something that she sees as acceptable.

 Source: American Update

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