Megyn Kelly is Not Taking The 'Today' Shake-Up Well

Megyn Kelly is Not Taking The 'Today' Shake-Up Well
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Megyn Kelly is reportedly trying to capitalize on the sexual harassment scandal that has rocked Hollywood in recent months. The former Fox News anchor is allegedly writing a tell-all book about her experiences at Fox News and NBC, including her interactions with Matt Lauer, who was fired last year amid reports of rampant sexual misconduct.

Kelly’s hour of The Today Show has struggled in the ratings, and it was rumored that she was one of the front-runners to replace Lauer. But after ratings rose with Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie at the helm, Kotb was offered the gig full-time, which left Kelly plenty of time to write her scathing tell-all.

According to Closer Weekly, insiders claim that Kelly started planning her book when the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke last fall. At the time, Kelly was going to write about her experiences at Fox News, but her plans kicked into high gear after Lauer was exposed for sexual harassment.

Kelly didn’t work with Lauer very long, but it was apparently long enough for her to write a full book about it. And while some of Lauer’s former co-workers have remained quiet about their interactions with the Today host, Kelly isn’t holding anything back.
 Source: Inquisitr

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