Megyn Kelly Refuses to Host This Loud Trump Critic

Megyn Kelly Refuses to Host This Loud Trump Critic
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NBC “Today” anchor Megyn Kelly is reportedly upset at author Michael Wolff, whose recently released book makes explosive claims about President Donald Trump and his first year in office.

According to Page Six, Kelly has gone so far as to refuse to interview Wolff on her segment of the “Today” show.

Kelly, who was a longtime host on the Fox News Channel before she came to NBC, is reportedly angry at Wolff for a piece he wrote in Newsweek almost a year ago — in January 2017. The piece criticized Kelly, who had recently agreed to a contract with NBC that reportedly pays her upwards of $20 million a year.

“There is at any given time in the television news business invariably one person more mistrusted and reviled by all the other mistrusted and reviled people in the business,” Wolff wrote at the time.
 Source: Western Journal

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