Megyn Kelly Throws 'Fit' Over Olympics Snub

Megyn Kelly Throws 'Fit' Over Olympics Snub
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Megyn Kelly is furious!

According to Page Six, the controversial Today host threw a massive “fit” when she learned NBC chose Katie Couric to cover the Olympic games, instead of her! While Kelly’s contract states that she cannot be forced to do special events across the globe, she assumed she would be the network’s ideal choice now that Matt Lauer – who usually covered such happenings – has been fired.

“She thought she had it all played out perfectly, by saying ‘no’ before the Matt Lauer scandal. [The network was] stupid enough to put in her contract that she could say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ ” claimed the outlet’s source. When Couric, 61, was given the gig instead, Kelly, 47, “complained to her staff, she complained to her agent, so that [NBC News chairman Andrew Lack] would hear about the fact that she was unhappy, but he didn’t care.”

The source added that Lack thinks of Kelly as a total “diva” and he doesn’t want her to be part of NBC’s “inner circle.”
 Source: Radar Online

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