NFL Player Interning for Senator Rand Paul

NFL Player Interning for Senator Rand Paul

NFL wide receiver Austin Carr is interning for Senator Rand Paul during the offseason according to reports.

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Ever wonder how NFL players occupy themselves in the off-season? New Orleans Saints wide receiver Austin Carr, along with two other NFL players, are interning on Capitol Hill. Carr is interning in the office of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, the NFL says in a press release.


“The Externship, run by the NFLPA’s Player Affairs department, is designed to assist players in realizing their potential and value beyond football through gainful, real-world experience. The program serves as one of several post-career opportunities offered by the NFLPA, all of which are built on the theme of helping players -- both active and transitioning -- find their niche and discover more of their gifts.”

Carr told CBS News that he is pro-life and interested in some libertarian ideas, which is why he is interning for Paul.

“I’m seeing how hard they work and in particular Sen. Rand Paul, how often he’s running to and fro to different meetings, different committees, meeting with constituents,” Carr told CBS.

The report states that 66 players are taking advantage of the internship program and that those 66 players have been placed in 27 organizations around the country.

 Source: American Update

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