Pro-Wrestler Helps Cops Detain Suspect

A pro-wrestler is making headlines after he apparently helped law enforcement detain a dangerous suspect.

According to Fox News:

A professional wrestler had to put his skills to the test at a local Denny’s when he assisted police in detaining a drunk man reportedly armed with a knife.

In a video shot at the local restaurant in Altoona, Penn., professional wrestler Nick McCune, who goes by the ring name of “Manic,” can be seen assisting an officer in holding down a suspect until a second officer arrives. Once the uniformed police had control, McCune, dressed in a black tank top, calmly walks away from the scene.

"I was overly hungry. I wanted to get my food," McCune told Fox News in a phone call about the incident.

According to WTAJ, the man on the ground was 31-year-old Richard Hart, who was reportedly intoxicated and yelling at patrons in the restaurant. McCune entered after a wrestling match and found a fan upset by the man's "ranting and rambling." Police were called when he mentioned he had a knife.

The wrestler said that he was just doing the right thing and protecting one of his fans who had been threatened by the suspect.

 Source: American Update

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