The Real Reason Megyn Kelly Isn't On the Highest Paid TV Host List

The Real Reason Megyn Kelly Isn't On the Highest Paid TV Host List
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Earlier this year, the buzz around Megyn Kelly’s move from Fox News to NBC--and the millions she was getting to switch--was so loud that the noise broke through the typically insular media world and captured the interest of her loyal Fox fans and NBC viewers, alike. But if NBC paid such a high price for the political commentator-turned-perky-morning-host, why is she nowhere to be found on this year’s list of top-paid TV hosts?

Well it turns out Kelly’s salary, which is about $18 million per year, is not all that abnormal compared to her morning show counterparts, and without many side projects, her earnings did not make the $21 million cut.

Kelly’s Today earnings line up with those of other morning stars, most of whom also didn’t make the list. Matt Lauer earns $20 million for his longstanding role as a Today anchor, and Robin Roberts of Good Morning America makes $18 million annually, while her cohost George Stephanopoulos makes about $15 million. (Michael Strahan, who actually made the Top-Earning TV Host List, makes closer to $13 million for Good Morning America, but has a number of other revenue streams.) Kelly Ripa earned about $18 million last year from Live!, but will see her salary increase next year to over $20 million.
 Source: Forbes

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