Tom Arnold Hopes 'Beautiful' Ilhan Omar Will 'Fall In Love' With Him

Tom Arnold Hopes 'Beautiful'  Ilhan Omar Will 'Fall In Love' With Him
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Left-wing actor Tom Arnold gushed over radical congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who apparently is his new crush. As Breitbart reports:

Anti-Trump Hollywood actor Tom Arnold professed his undying emotions Tuesday for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who’s spent her short tenure in Washington advocating radical far-left policies and pushing antisemitic tropes, saying he would be “lucky” if he and the “Squad” member “[fell] in love.”

“She’s beautiful, smart & brave. If I’m lucky we’ll fall in love,” Arnold wrote on Twitter of Ilhan Omar, before launching into a defense of the Minnesota Democrat for promoting the actor’s remarks justifying Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) neighbor’s vicious assault against the libertarian-leaning lawmaker last year.

“Rand Paul is a horrible neighbor a terrible Senator & worse human. Donald Trump has retweeted Nazi’s. You’ve never called out Donald Trump. Stop bullying tiny brown women coward. Time to call out big fat white guys,” the actor implored.


On Monday, Omar (D-MN) retweeted a tweet by Arnold fantasizing about Paul facing another violent attack after the Kentucky Republican told Breitbart News that he would purchase the freshman congresswomen her a plane ticket to return to her native Somalia to refamiliarize herself with the dismal conditions in the African country.


One has to wonder what exactly is wrong with Arnold that would prompt him to develop a crush on such a crazed anti-American radical.  Perhaps he should seek some professional help.
 Source: American Update

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