Ultra-Liberal US Women's Soccer Star Rapinoe Rips Trump On CNN

Ultra-Liberal US Women's Soccer Star Rapinoe Rips Trump On CNN
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Megan Rapinoe, the notorious anti-Trump US women's soccer star who has repeatedly disrespected the national anthem in the name of protesting the President, appeared on Anderson Cooper where she continued to attack the White House. As Fox News reports:

Following her team's victory at the FIFA Women's World Cup, Rapinoe told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper that she has yet to receive a formal invitation from the White House nor does she appear to want it.

“I don’t think anyone on the team has any interest in lending the platform that we’ve worked hard to build and the things that we fight for and the way that we live our life,” Rapinoe said, “I don’t think we want that to be co-opted or corrupted by this administration... There are so many other people that I would rather talk to and have meaningful conversations that can really affect change in Washington than going to the White House.”

When asked if she had a message for the president, she took a moment to ponder.

"Your message is excluding people. You’re excluding me. You’re excluding people that look like me. You’re excluding people of color. You're excluding Americans that maybe support you," she told Trump. "We need to have a reckoning with the message that you have and what you're saying about 'Make America Great Again.' I think you are harking back to an era that was not great for everyone."

  Will Rapinoe ever be satisfied? Or will she just keep on whining?
 Source: American Update

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