Weinstein Pleads 'Not Guilty' To Latest Indictment

Weinstein Pleads 'Not Guilty' To Latest Indictment
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Notorious pervert and disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has pled 'Not Guilty'  to two new charges of predatory assault. As Fox News reports:

Harvey Weinstein pleaded not guilty Monday to an indictment that adds two new charges of predatory sexual assault to his upcoming New York trial.

Weinstein entered the plea in a Manhattan courtroom.

Prosecutors had said the new indictment was needed to lay the legal foundation for "Sopranos" actress Annabella Sciorra to testify against Weinstein. She claims he raped her in 1993.

The disgraced movie mogul was also admonished by the judge for taking his cell phone out during the proceedings. After being warned not to do that again, Weinstein said, "Your honor..." before he was cut off by the judge who said, "It's a court order. Don't talk to me. Talk with your lawyers."

Hopefully, justice will be served in this case as soon as possible.
 Source: American Update

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