Bonus.) The Big Shots

The big shots in sports are also big fans of the President, these aren’t players, these are owners. As a quick bonus here are 4 coaches and owners that love the President:

Dana White 

Andrius Petrucenia via Wikipedia Commons 

Dana White is a giant of a man and is a proud supporter of the President. White came to an RNC convention to give the President words of encouragement and some thanks for the support Trump gave the UFC back when Dana White first started the organization.

Brian France

roam12.45.jxp via ( Wikipedia Commons 

Brian France is the CEO of NASCAR and might as well be the CEO of Team Trump! He is a strong ally to the President and works very hard to keep the tracks open the same way Trump keeps the jobs coming to America!

Lou Holtz

We said no Football stars but Lou Holtz is a strong exception. This legendary college football coach has endorsed Trump and put forward words of encouragement and support for his presidency.  

Bobby Knight 

Bobby Knight is a legendary College Basketball coach that took headlines for his endorsement of the President in 2016. When questioned by the venomous heads of media he replies that he supports the President because he loves America. This answer is simple and true to every word, thank you, Bobby Knight!




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