Far-Left Climate Change Activists Storm Harvard Vs. Yale College Football Game, Are Then Arrested By Police

Far-left activists decided to storm the field during the Harvard vs. Yale college football game on Saturday in order to try and bring attention to extremist climate change theories. 

It didn’t last long however as dozens of police officers end up escorting around 50 of them off of the field shortly thereafter. 

As The Daily Wire reports:

Hundreds of far-left activists stormed the field of Saturday’s college football game between Harvard and Yale, demanding action on climate change and demanding that the U.S. cancel Puerto Rico’s debt.

“Dozens of protesters started running on the field about three minutes before halftime ended and delayed the Game by roughly 30 minutes,” The Harvard Crimson reported. “They held signs bearing ‘Yale and Harvard United for Climate Justice’ and started chanting ‘Divest.’ Several dozen police officers took to the field to meet the protesters, and at least 50 people [were] escorted off the field by police officers.”


A Yale student told The Guardian that students began pushing the two universities to stop investing in energy companies they claim are causing climate change, saying, “They believe that they can engage with these companies and get them to change their fundamentally extractive business models, which we think comes from a place of naivety amounting to gross negligence.”

A separate video that appeared to be from the incident showed the far-left protesters demanding that the U.S. cancel Puerto Rico’s debt.


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