Liberals Enraged After New Unwoke Comedy Special Released By Netflix

Comedian Dave Chappelle has released a brand new stand-up special that criticizes ‘woke’ culture, and liberals aren’t happy. As townhall reports:

Liberals are not happy with comedian Dave Chappelle. Liberals don’t like it that he tells jokes. In the world of progressives, where an authoritarian political correctness reigns, his routine is worthy of having himself canceled. Yet, that’s also a joke in itself because that whole notion of being ostracized for saying things that people don’t like is just the fuel that makes Chapelle’s stand-up all the more intense. I mean it is a ridiculous concept the Left has manufactured. 

“You’re canceled” because you make fun of the progressive Left’s absurd and impossible standard of living without offending anyone. Chappelle takes snowflake dictums and blasts it with a shotgun with his latest Sticks and Stones special on Netflix. He goes after everyone. He’s controversial about Michael Jackson, abortion transgender people, and liberal America cannot deal. The New York Times noted that the comic hasn’t modified his set for the setting, whatever that means. Anyway, Vice said to skip the special, which means you should totally watch it:

“Chappelle has always been a daredevil comedian willing to take a controversial stance or downplay a serious controversy for laughs, including his early-2000s skits about R. Kelly’s court trials on Chappelle’s Show. But now he chooses to blatantly ignore the historic criticism against his style of comedy and new loud-and-clear criticism from the trans community. His approach comes off like a defiant rejection of change at any cost. As he keeps going down this path, drawing attention to the worst aspects of his important career, the biggest cost will be tarnishing his own legacy.”…

Chappelle humorously critiques school mass shooting drills, Jussie Smollett, the excesses of the #MeToo movement, and LGBTQ activists—or “the alphabet people” as he calls them—for thinking they should be immune from mockery.
“Everybody loves me, and I love everybody,” Chappelle assures the audience. “I got friends who are Ls, who are Bs, and I got friends who are Gs. But the Ts hate my f*cking guts.”


Is Chappelle giving liberals a taste of their own medicine, or has he gone too far?

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