New Re-Boot Of ‘Nancy Drew’ Isn’t So Wholesome

The CW network has announced a televised reboot of the classic ‘Nancy Drew’ series that has broken with the story’s original wholesome roots. As The New York Post reports:

Premiering on The CW on Wednesday, “Nancy Drew” is the latest take on the young-adult classic. Gritty, dark and salacious, it’s more like the sexy teen drama “Riverdale” than “The Secret of the Old Clock,” the 1930 tale that launched the almost 90-year-old series.

In other words, this isn’t your mom’s — or your grandma’s — Nancy Drew. But it may not be further off than you think.

“Nancy was brash, bold and disrespectful to authority,” said historian Jennifer Fisher of the original girl gumshoe who dominated bookshelves from the 1930s to ’50s. She was breaking into private property, stealing evidence and even outrunning the cops in her trusty blue roadster, going far above the speed limit.

And that’s not all. Nancy Drew has had her fair share of controversies in her nearly nine decades, from the two women who claimed to be the original books’ author, Caroline Keene; to an attempt — in the 1950s and ’60s — to whitewash some of the original series’ racism; to a Playboy magazine centerfold homage.

Only time will tell if auidences accept this ‘updated,’ 21st century version of the classic franchise.


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