‘Scary Movie’ Star Anna Faris ‘Lucky To Be Alive’ After Carbon Monoxide Leak In Home

‘Scary Movie’ star Anna Faris and her family were given a terrifying scare on Thanksgiving following a carbon monoxide leak in their lake Tahoe home.

The actress revealed that she and 12 of her family members were saved after falling ill to carbon monoxide posioning. 

As The Daily Mail reveals:

On Tuesday, the North Tahoe Tahoe Fire Protection District echoed that the 43-year-old and her large extended family were ‘lucky to be alive’.

The District said all of the family members fell ill to ‘varying degrees’ shortly after arriving at the rental home, however the group believed the symptoms were coming as a result of altitude sickness.

As their conditions continued to worsen after sitting down for Thanksgiving lunch, two of the family members went to a local hospital to be checked out – which would prove to be a life-saving decision.

Immediately, hospital staff identified signs of carbon monoxide poisoning and alerted the North Tahoe Fire Protection District, who raced to save the remaining 11 ill family members – who ranged from three to 70 years old – still inside the rental home.


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