See Every Single Trump Dig Made by Celebrities at the Oscars

The attacks on President Donald Trump and his administration started before host Jimmy Kimmel even took the stage Sunday at the 90th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California.

It started with a black and white video ahead of the show mocking Trump’s Twitter usage, among other things.

“Why look, it’s Armie Hammer. Armie was born when a witch put a curse on a Ken doll. And Chadwick Boseman. The king of Wakanda. Imagine, a country with a black leader, wouldn’t that be swell,” Jimmy Kimmel explained in the voice over.

“It’s Gary Oldman. If you loved Gary in ‘Forrest Gump,’ you’re thinking of Gary Sinise. And wow, the stunning Lupita Nyong’o. She was born in Mexico and raised in Kenya. Let the tweet storm from the president’s toilet begin,” he added. “And now, your host for the ceremony, he presided over the most calamitous finale in Oscar’s history. Will he spoil it one more time?”


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