This Fox Host Just Pushed Rush Limbaugh Off the Top

Sean Hannity is now the most influential radio host in America according to a new ranking from Talkers Magazine. The Fox News host beat out radio legend, and the magazine’s longtime previous number one, Rush Limbaugh.

“Aside from the hosts whose sheer numbers and fame demand their inclusion in this list, the selection process is subjective with the goal being to create a list reflective of the industry’s diversity and total flavor as well as giving credit where credit is due,” reads a magazine description of the how the rankings were chosen.

“We acknowledge that it is as much art as science and that the results are arguable.”

It’s only the second time in the list’s 24 year history that Limbaugh hasn’t been in the top spot. In 2005, Howard Stern was first after leaving terrestrial radio for a nine-figure deal with Sirius Satellite Radio.

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