Trump’s New Comms Director is Already Getting Under Liberal Hollywood’s Skin

Liberals took to Twitter to demean Hope Hicks after she was named White House communications director. She served as interim White House communications director in August and has now been offered a permanent position by President Donald Trump. She was one of the president’s first staffers when he launched his campaign and is a longtime aide.

Here’s what’s happening:

Hope Hicks has officially been named Trump’s White House communications director.
She’s 28 years old and previously modeled for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.
D-list celebrity Billy Baldwin sent out a tweet of a photo of a woman, who isn’t Hope Hicks, demeaning her and accusing her of nepotism and inexperience.

Liberals attacked her for her looks and ripped her apart for earning $179,700 as a White House staffer, which is the same salary Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus received while working in the White House. Liberals continue to attack her for defending the president.

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