Video Shows Ex-Con OJ Simpson Dancing And Partying With Two Blonde Women At Vegas Bar

A new video has surfaced showing ex-con OJ Simpson dancing and partying with two blonde with in a Las Vegas Bar. 

The women in question seemed totally oblivious to the fact that Simpson was accused of the murder of his former wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman back in 1992. 

As TMZ reports:

The 72-year-old convicted felon hit up the Sand Dollar Lounge on Wednesday night — sporting a dark beanie — and hit the dance floor hard!!!

We’re told people in the place LOVED him, treated him like a rock star … and O.J. posed for pics and signed autographs for anyone who asked.

Simpson has been out of prison since Oct. 2017 — where he served nearly 9 years for a 2007 armed robbery — and this is typical of the treatment he gets at MOST places he goes these days…

Of course, Simpson was found not guilty of murder, in the criminal case, in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman … but was later sued for wrongful death by Goldman’s family where a jury found Simpson liable.

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