‘West Wing Creator’ Aaron Sorkin Claims Only Way To Beat Trump Is ‘Better Voters’

‘West Wing’ creator Aaron Sorkin has announced his belief that the key to defeating President Trump is ‘better voters.’ As Breitbart reports:

Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Sorkin suggested that “better voters” are key to defeating President Trump in 2020, telling the audience at Friday’s 20th-anniversary screening of Two Cathedrals at New York’s PaleyFest that we are living in “unnerving times.”

Sorkin told the audience that we are living in “unnerving times, particularly over the past week” and fielded questions from individuals in the audience, one of whom thanked the producer for teaching “civics” on his award-winning political show. Sorkin stressed the importance of the subject, adding that it results in “better voters.” The Moneyball screenwriter — who chalked up Trump’s historical victory as a win for the KKK, white nationalists, sexists, racists, buffoons, and angry white men — took a veiled shot at Trump’s supporters, suggesting that a lack of informed voters in society results in “the tribalism that we have” with Donald Trump.

Another audience member told Sorkin that “we need better candidates and need to eliminate the two-party system.” While Sorkin agreed with the general sentiment, he stuck to his initial assertion, arguing that “better voters get us better candidates.”

“I think, in a democracy, how can it not ultimately be the responsibility of the voters?” Sorkin asked. “We’re right to point to all the people we’re pointing at right now in Washington saying, ‘This is so un-American, what’s going on,’ but when are voters going to bear some responsibility?”

What Sorkin means exactly by ‘better voters’ remains unclear. 


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