Anti-Trump Women's Soccer Can't Say What She's Protesting After Being Asked

Anti-Trump Women's Soccer Can't Say What She's Protesting After Being Asked
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Outspoken Anti-Trump women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe was unable to give an answer after being asked what exactly she was protesting. As Townhall reports:

Pink haired and flamboyant U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe is in all the headlines lately for telling a reporter there’s no way she’s going to the “f***ing” White House if the U.S. wins this summer’s World Cup. As a gay athlete, Rapinoe says that President Trump's administration is very backwards on LGBT rights. Trump responded with a Twitter thread telling Rapinoe he was not impressed by her behavior and reminded her that she needs to win first before he even considers extending the team an invitation. He also recently told the press that her national anthem protests are inappropriate...

That brings us to Thursday's press conference ahead of the U.S.'s quarterfinal matchup against host nation France. Rapinoe fielded questions about her feud with the White House, but interestingly, seemed unwilling to answer any inquiries related to her anthem protests. 

Fox Soccer reporter Grant Wahl asked Rapinoe what I thought was a rather fair question, “what are you protesting?”

Rapinoe, after hemming and hawing and wearing a confused look, said, “I need a more specific question.” Wahl offered her one, but Rapinoe then just asked the press to keep today's questions “on the game."

It looks like Rapinoe disrespected the American Flag and the American President, all without even having a reason.
 Source: American Update

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