Brian Williams Might Be Getting a Promotion

Brian Williams Might Be Getting a Promotion
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Brian Williams was demoted in 2015 but it looks like the disgraced newsman is resurrecting his career.

According to Page Six:

Brian Williams could come back from TV news exile, Page Six is told.

The anchor was booted from the “NBC Nightly News” in 2015 after it was revealed that he’d embellished some stories with fictional details — and sent to the relative Siberia of 11 p.m. on sister station MSNBC.

But despite his tarnished reputation and graveyard-adjacent time slot, Williams has made his “11th Hour With Brian Williams” show a legit hit, beating CNN and Fox News for three months straight.

Now 30 Rock insiders say Williams could move to a more prominent time slot, possibly replacing vet Chris Matthews at 7 p.m.

It appears that sources believe that Matthews' is losing his edge and they are looking to replace him.

 Source: American Update

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