CNN Host Goes Off on Fox News

CNN Host Goes Off on Fox News
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CNN’s Jake Tapper took to his Twitter account to register his dissatisfaction with what he called a “smear” from Fox News over a comment he made about the Muslim phrase, “Allahu Akbar,” on Tuesday after the terror attack in New York City.

Tapper was responding to a guest who reported the fatal attack Tuesday in New York City was being investigated as a terror incident in part because the suspect had been heard yelling, “Allah Akbar,” a phrase used in many Islamic terrorist attacks.

“The Arabic chant ‘Allah Akbar,’ ‘God is great’, sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances,” Tapper responded, “and too often we hear it being said in moments like this.” The attack took eight lives and cast new light on President Donald Trump’s attempt to limit travel from terrorist-stricken countries.

Tapper was referring to a headline in a tweet that Fox News later deleted. It read, “CNN’s Jake Tapper Says ‘Allahu Akbar’ Is ‘Beautiful’ Right After NYC Terror Attack.”
 Source: The Blaze

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