Comedian Blames Trump for Terrorism

Comedian Blames Trump for Terrorism
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Comedian Sarah Silverman recently blamed President Trump for the increase in domestic terror incidents and for his response to the migrant caravan.

According to Fox News:

Sarah Silverman pulled no punches in a monologue for her show “I Love You America” in which she blamed President Trump for his response to the migrant caravan and the “current epidemic of domestic terrorism.”

The star opened her monologue discussing the migrant caravan that’s currently on its way to the United States’ southern border. Trump has repeatedly made allegations that the caravan could contain violent gang members who mean to harm Americans if they get past the border. As a result, he’s sending U.S. troops to stop the caravan, something Silverman denounced as a scare tactic designed to drum up support for his base around the midterm elections.

“Sending troops to the border or floating the idea of overturning birthright citizenship, these are just attempts to motivate his base right before midterms,” she said. “We know it’s a ploy because the caravans aren’t even arriving until, at the earliest, December.”

The comedian went on to say that she believes Trump only knows how to use fear to motivate those that support him. As a result, she alleges that Trump is inciting violence by coming up with fake enemies so that people will vote his way, noting the recent trio of attacks from the past week such as the pipe bomber that targeted several Democratic politicians and media personalities as well as shootings in Kentucky and Pittsburgh.

The comedian then ended by calling on her audience to get out and vote in the midterm elections. It is unclear if this call by Silverman will make a difference on November 6th.

 Source: American Update

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