Country Star Tells Hilarious Story About Golfer Phil Mickelson

Country Star Tells Hilarious Story About Golfer Phil Mickelson
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Country star Jake Owen recently opened up about a funny story involving him and pro-golfer Phil Mickelson. The golfer asked for a refund for a pay-per-view match between Mickelson and Tiger Woods. The golf star gave him a $100 bill and told him to leave in a profane way.

Mickelson also tweeted confirming the story.

According to Fox News:

Country star Jake Owen revealed that he didn't hold back against golfer Phil Mickelson over a "s-----" golf match with Tiger Woods.

Owen, speaking to Barstool Sports in an interview that was released Tuesday, said he was at the wedding of Jordan Spieth, a pro-golfer and friend, in November 2018 when he let loose on Mickelson.


"So I walked over to him, and I was like, 'Hey Phil, you owe me f------ $29.99 ... for wasting four hours of my life with the s------- golf I've ever seen,'" Owen said. "You guys hyped this whole thing up about this big match, you guys couldn't even make three birdies between the two of you.' I'm like, I want my $29.99 back and f------ apologize to me for some s----- golf."

Owen said that at that point, Mickelson pulled out a wad of cash, particularly a $100 bill. "He's like, 'Yeah, I won 90,000 of these yesterday.' He goes, 'Take $100 and go f--- yourself."

This story looks like it was all in fun and it is nice to see Mickelson being a good sport about it.

 Source: American Update

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