Meet The Celebrities Who Ran For Political Office 

Wikimedia Commons, by Austin Green

Celebrities are always looking to get involved in politics but few actually take the leap to run for office. Some of these celebrities are no more than weirdos who want to boost their standing with the elite, others are American icons. Here are the celebrities that ran for political office:

Cynthia Nixon 

WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 03: Cynthia Nixon (L) and Christine Marinoni attend the Yahoo News/ABCNews Pre-White House Correspondents’ dinner reception pre-party at Washington Hilton on May 3, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Yahoo News)

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon ran against Andrew Cuomo in New York for the governor’s seat. She ran as an ultra-progressive option against the more moderate but still progressive Cuomo. Unsurprising she lost by an extremely large margin in 2018. 

Clint Eastwood 

American Icon Clint Eastwood is another celebrity that ran for political office. Eastwood ran and won the race for Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. His election was a landslide, he won with over 72% of the votes. 

Shirley Temple 

America’s sweetheart Shirley Temple left Hollywood after she grew up and would run for Congress in California. She would ultimately lose the election, but she would serve as US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Ghana. 

Clay Aiken

Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia Commons

Singer-songwriter Clay Aiken ran for Congress in 2014, he ran as a Democrat and only one the primary because his opponent had died a day before the election. Following this Aiken would lose the general election against Republican incumbent Renee Ellmers. 

Jesse Ventura 

Kingkongphoto & from Laurel Maryland, USA ( Wikipedia Commons

Jesse Ventura, the WWE Hall of Famer, was elected the mayor of Brooklyn Park Minnesota in 1991. After his stint in Hollywood, he ran for governor of Minnesota as a member of the reform party in 1998.  He won but then quickly dropped out of the party, he is now considering a run for President at the age of 69. 

Al Franken 

Al Franken went out of Saturday night live and straight into politics, While in politics his career met a sad end when allegations went flying in his direction. Although His career sunk like a brick in the end he was able to stay in congress for 9 years. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Gage Skidmore via ( Wikipedia Commons

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s venture into politics is a story many already know, he ran for governor of California in 2003 and won with no issue. Many forget though that Schwarzenegger was California’s last Republican governor, this reminder shocks many considering his more recent political opinions. 

Sonny Bono 

Kingkongphoto & from Laurel Maryland, USA via wikipedia commons

Actor and singer Sonny Bono did have a political career after his acting and singing days were up. Bono won a mayoral seat in California but would later go on to win a Congressional seat that he held until 1998. 

Ronald Reagan 

Former President Ronald Regan is one of the best-known examples of someone moving from Hollywood to politics. After being an actor for a long time he went on to be the Governor of California and the rest is history. 

Kanye West 

DAvid Shankbone via ( Wikipedia Commons

Superstar rapper Kanye West has made headlines recently for making a run for President but the hype has quickly died out following what many are speculating to be him dropping out of the race. 

Rosanne Barr

Stand-Up Sucks, LLC via ( Wikipedia Commons

Rosanne Barr, who has been a big supporter of the President in recent months, had run for a left-wing party called the Peace and Freedom party in 2012. While Barr had lost the race she did put up enough of a fight to get 7th place, too bad the only winner is politics is the one who comes in the first place. 

Howard Stern 

Bill Norton via ( Wikipedia Commons

Howard Stern ran for governor of New York in 1994, he ran as a libertarian and partially ran on reinstating the death penalty. Oddly enough he only ran on three things and promised to step down upon completing these three goals. Being a third party candidate it is no surprise that he would have lost but it never even came to an election as he stepped down before the day came around. 

Donald Trump 

Wikimedia Commons, By VOA News

Current President, former businessman, real estate tycoon, and reality TV star Donald Trump went from the TV screen to the White House in a  story that almost every American knows.

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3 years ago

Al Franken – 9 years way too long!