Former Hollywood Couple Blame Trump and Brexit for Their Split

Former Hollywood Couple Blame Trump and Brexit for Their Split
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Hollywood couple, Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen claim that their breakup was caused by Trumo being elected president and Brexit passing in Great Britain.

According to Fox News:

Michael Sheen revealed that his relationship with actress and comedian Sarah Silverman came to an end due to politics.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the British actor opened about why the two decided to split and said, “After the Brexit vote, and the election where Trump became president, we both felt in different ways we wanted to get more involved."

He continued, "That led to her doing her show 'I Love You, America,' and it led to me wanting to address the issues that I thought led some people to vote the way they did about Brexit, in the area I come from and others like it.”

The couple, who were together for four years before breaking up in December of 2017, shared the same passion for politics and following the Brexit vote, the actor made the decision to move back to Britain in order to get more involved.

Apparently their drive to get to the bottom of two legitimate elections was the end to their relationship.

 Source: American Update

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