Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Charged with DUI

Wikimedia Commons, By Matthew Daley

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband has finally been charged with a DUI with injury by the Napa County District Attorney’s office.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Today, the Napa County District Attorney’s Office issued a criminal complaint, filing charges against Paul Pelosi based upon an automobile collision and driving under the influence arrest on May 28th, 2022,” Napa County DA’s office said in a press release on Thursday.

“The collision occurred on State Route 29 and Oakville Cross Road at 10:17 pm,” authorities stated. “A blood sample was taken from Mr. Pelosi at 12:32 am, and sent to the California Department of Justice for testing. Mr. Pelosi’s blood sample had a .082% blood alcohol content.”

Officials noted that Mr. Pelosi could face possible jail time for the crime.

“The punishment for driving under the influence causing injury as a misdemeanor is set by California law,” the DA’s press release noted. “It includes up to five years of probation, a minimum of five days in jail, installation of an ignition interlock device, fines and fees, completion of a court ordered drinking driver class, and other terms as appropriate.”

The Pelosis own an estate in Napa Valley on Zinfandel Lane, which is valued well north of $5,000,000, that has a vineyard that nets the couple $5,000 to $15,000 in grape sales per year.

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1 year ago

The poor devil…I feel SOOO sorry for him. If I had a wife like HIS, I’d sniff the cork, too, lemme tell ya.