Hannity Takes Creative Route on Way to Show

Sean Hannity is in Thailand ahead of Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and he recently had to take a creative way to his show.

According to Fox News:

Hosting a show outside of the confines of a New York City studio can be challenging and Fox News host Sean Hannity was reminded firsthand as he was forced to navigate Tuesday morning traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam, on the back of a scooter.

“We’re not making this up, I hopped on a scooter with some other staff of mine,” Hannity told his audience to start his Fox News show. “Needless to say it was interesting, chaotic and kind of fun.”


After waiting in traffic for 45 minutes, Hannity and his staff, fearing they would be late for their own live show, decided to try “plan B” and navigate through traffic on scooters.

The show played video of the host wearing his trademark blazer and jeans on the back of a scooter with some of his staff also riding on scooters in Hanoi.

Hannity is seen stating that this is the only way to get to work, remarking that without the scooters there would be no show.

 Source: American Update

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