How Megyn Kelly is Actually Defending Trump

How Megyn Kelly is Actually Defending Trump
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According to a story this week, Megyn Kelly Today host Megyn Kelly has been going to great lengths to avoid calling President Trump a liar.

RawStory reports:

As she transitioned from the highly-rated Fox News primetime line-up to mornings at NBC News, Megyn Kelly made many not-so-subtle attempts to re-brand herself as a hard-hitting journalist who was above the fray of partisan politics. “The truth is, I am kind of done with politics for now,” the political commentator infamously said on the premiere episode of “Megyn Kelly TODAY” back in September.Nearly one year later, the talking head who once stirred up racial tensions by declaring that Jesus and Santa were white on Fox News still struggles to instill this image upon a skeptical daytime television audience, where authenticity is everything.More evidence of this strife came as recently as Monday, when Kelly refused to call Republican President Donald Trump a liar in an awkward exchange with Dan Pfeffier, a former Obama administration official who now hosts the popular podcast “Pod Save America.”In case you forgot, Trump is the presidential candidate who attacked Kelly as a “lightweight,” a “highly-overrated” media professional and someone who had “blood coming out of her wherever” after the then-Fox News star grilled the business mogul about his gnarly history of misogyny during a debate of 2016 Republican primary contenders.In other words, Kelly has no reason to support a man who so blatantly used his power to attack her. But, her odd choice of words following an exchange with Pfeffier about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders seemingly revealed that, despite switching networks, partisanship is still one value that Kelly holds dear.When asked his opinion, Pfeffier, who served as a director of communications at the Obama White House, made it clear that Sanders knows exactly what she is doing.

“I think that she has made a decision to sacrifice her integrity for this position,” he declared to big applause from audience members.

 Source: American Update

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