Joe Scarborough Attacks McConnell With Nickname Inspired By Conspiracy Theory

Joe Scarborough Attacks McConnell With Nickname Inspired By Conspiracy Theory
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"Morning Joe Host" and ex-GOP congressman Joe Scarborough unleashed an unhinged attack on Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnel on Friday which included a nickname inspired by a liberal conspiracy theory. As Fox News reports:

Joe Scarborough went off on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Friday, accusing him of "aiding and abetting" Russian President Vladimir Putin's efforts to "subvert" American elections and even alleging a Russia-linked investment in Kentucky could be playing a part.

The "Morning Joe" segment was based on a new bipartisan report from the Senate Intelligence Committee on Russian election interference efforts. The report provided new details on how Russian government hackers "directed extensive activity against U.S. election infrastructure" -- and potentially identified vulnerabilities that they can exploit in upcoming elections.

Repeatedly calling him "Moscow Mitch," Scarborough fumed at McConnell, R-Ky., for acting "un-American" by not moving forward on election-security bills pushed by Democrats in the hours after Robert Mueller's testimony, including a bill to provide $775 million to enhance election system security, and a bill that would have required that campaigns report all offers of foreign assistance to the FBI.

“I understand that there’s an oligarch that I have read is going to be setting up a big aluminum plant in Moscow Mitch’s home state. I don’t know if that’s it," he speculated.

Scarborough's attacks were disgraceful and show just how far he has fallen since his congressional stint. 

 Source: American Update

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