Kanye Gets Slapped With Massive Lawsuit

Kanye Gets Slapped With Massive Lawsuit

Kanye West got hit with a lawsuit recently asking for more than $600 thousand in damages from the controversial rapper.

According to Page Six:

Kanye West is in legal trouble for allegedly failing to pay for fabric samples.

On Thursday, the rapper, 41, was sued by Japanese fabric company Toki Sen-I Co. for $624,051, reports The Blast.

Toki Sen-I Co. targeted both West and his company Yeezy Apparel, LLC, claiming they received an order for fleece fabrics back in June 2018. No down payment was given since the company has worked with West for several years.

The company says West stated he did not intend to pay despite their efforts to set up a payment plan. Toki Sen-I Co. also claims West attempted to create a fake company to avoid payment.

The lawsuit also called Kanye's company a sham and a shell company that operates without any true assets.

 Source: American Update

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