Kathy Griffin Snubbed by Women's March

Kathy Griffin Snubbed by Women's March
Kathy Griffin, appears to still be in crisis ever since that pic of her holding a bloody Trump mask backfired on her. Kathy has since taken back her apology for the pic, but claims to still be experiencing fallout. Yesterday, Kathy tweeted that she wasn’t welcome to hang with Team Pussy Grabs Back at the Women’s March.

In the tweet, Kathy included part of the infamous pic as well as a shot of TV journalist Soledad O’Brien’s Tweet of Disgust with Kathy’s stunt.

Kathy didn’t go into any detail as to why her pink pussy hat remains on the coat rack, but she’s still supporting the cause. The ginger provocateur alleges that she was under investigation (and eventually cleared) by the Secret Service for two months after #KathyWantsTrumpsHead. She also claims that she’s still on the no-fly list, and detained at the airport every time she wants to get on a plane.

Kathy’s been very strident about how she’s NOT sorry about the pic since it went down. Being pulled aside at the airport is super-annoying and would inspire me to declare “I’m not sorry. I take the apology back 1,000 percent” as well.
 Source: Dlisted

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