UPDATE: Biden Notebook Discovered In Delaware – More Info On “Shady Business Dealings?”

President Biden has had multiple instances of classified documents being discovered in locations they should not be, including both the Penn Biden Center, and his home garage in Delaware. Now, the House Intell Committee will be looking into an FBI discovery following a 13-hour-long search of one of Biden’s notebooks in his Delaware home, which found six more documents including documents from Biden’s time as both Vice President as well as from when Biden served as Senator from 1979 until 2009.

The FBI would go on to seize the notebook from Biden’s Delaware home, and according to NBC News, the notebook would contain writings about Biden’s time as Vice President, including notes on diplomatic engagements during his time with Barack Obama.

The notebook was never given a classified marking, however, this may make things worse for Biden – as this could show a long battery of Biden jotting down sensitive for classified information onto easily accessible papers or technology, which could allow United States government information to end up in the hands of anyone due to Biden’s carelessness.

The New York Post reports that “a person familiar with the investigation told the news outlet that the president had a “large” collection of notebooks with handwritten notes on both personal and official subject matter,  including his family life and his experiences or thoughts as vice president.”

While on Fox and Friends, House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. James Comer discussed the discovery and the value it may have to the ongoing investigation, saying:

“Nothing that Joe Biden’s done with respect to mishandling these classified documents is normal. Take into consideration that he’s also being investigated for influence peddling with our adversaries around the world, and it’s even more concerning. Look, more information comes out every day where his son, especially, as well as his two brothers, have had shady business dealings with our adversaries around the world, and part of what they would do when they would make a pitch to these shady characters in these foreign countries is prove to them that they actually had direct access to their brother and that they had direct access to people at the highest levels of our federal government.”

Rep. Comer would go on to add:

So when we learned that Joe Biden had classified documents from all over the place and that Hunter Biden especially lived in his house where he had those classified documents, we became extra concerned, and that’s why this it this investigation is of the utmost importance for the United States Congress as well as the American people.”

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