New Poll Shows How Americans Really Feel About News

New Poll Shows How Americans Really Feel About News
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A new poll details how America truly feels about the legitimacy of the news it consumes. The Blaze reports:

A new Gallup poll shows Americans believe 62 percent of news outlets – print, television, and radio – are biased. People believe a majority of the news is accurate, but they still believe about 44 percent is inaccurate, according to the poll.

The survey asked 1,440 Gallup panel members to delve into “exactly how much problematic information” appears in traditional news outlets and on social media.

Thirty-nine percent of the news is comprised of misinformation, meaning it’s presented as true but is either false or misleading, according to those surveyed. And 65 percent of news on social media is seen as misinformation.
The poll found that Republicans believe 15 of the 17 major news sources are biased and that most news organizations are also inaccurate. In contrast, Democrats believe all but two major news organizations are accurate and most news outlets are biased but not inaccurate.


You can read the rest of their reporting here.

 Source: American Update

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