'Saturday Night Live' Too Political?

'Saturday Night Live' Too Political?
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A new survey released indicates that nearly 40 percent of people view "Saturday Night Live" is too political.

According to Fox News:

A new poll indicates that many Americans think NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” has gone overboard with politics.

“SNL” has long parodied presidents and other politicians, but Alec Baldwin’s repeated unflattering portrayal of President Trump could be turning away some viewers. Thirty-nine percent of responders to a poll conducted by The Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult felt the sketch comedy show "has gotten too political."

The poll indicated that 3 in 10 of those asked don’t think “SNL” has become too political, while 31 percent said they don’t care either way.

The same poll indicated that 50 percent of responders feel late-night talk show hosts lean left when it comes to politics, while only 11 percent feel the hosts are conservative and 27 percent offered no opinion. When it comes to “SNL,” 48 percent said the show is liberal and 37 percent had no opinion, while only five percent feel the show leans to conservative politics.

The president has spoken out recently about the show being too political and even threatened an FCC investigation into the political bias.

 Source: American Update

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