The Surprising Celebrity Trying to 'Rehab' Roseanne's Image

The Surprising Celebrity Trying to 'Rehab' Roseanne's Image
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Despite their views on President Trump, Roseanne Barr has found an ally to help her "rehab" her image. 

Barr was fired from her eponymous show earlier this year after she made offensive posts on Twitter.

OK! reports:

Roseanne Barr is secretly teaming up with Rosie O’Donnell!

In a new episode of Straight Shuter’s hilarious podcast, host Rob Shutertells fans all about the shamed actress’s new collaboration with the left-wing comedian.
According to Shuter, Barr, 65, is putting plans together for her “rehabilitation,” following her scandalous TV firing. She said that after those racist tweets that got her hit show cancelled on ABC, she’s trying to figure out what’s next! While she’s tried to apologize, her words keep getting misconstrued and backfiring. She needs to get her story straight, which is why she’s reached out to her old pal, Rosie O’Donnell, 56.

O’Donnell confirmed to Straight Shuter that the two did get in touch following the Roseanne scandal, though it is unclear what partnership they have in mind.

“Rosie and Roseanne couldn’t be more different when it comes to their political views, but this unlikely friendship really does work and they are true friends,” a source claimed, speaking of their unlikely alliance.

O’Donnell has known what it’s like to be in trouble, to get rejected, to have the press turn on her—and now Barr is certainly in that same place, so she’s helping her through it.

 Source: American Update

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