President Trump Reveals Status of Melania’s Condition After First Lady’s Covid Diagnosis

President Trump gave an update on his wife, First Lady Melania Trump’s, battle with the Coronavirus during his interview with talk radio legend Dan Savage on Tuesday.

The President informed listeners that Melania was “fantastic” against the sometimes deadly virus and continuing to improve.

As Breitbart reports:

Appearing Tuesday on the nationally-syndicated radio show The Savage Nation, President Donald Trump revealed First Lady Melania Trump is doing “fantastic” in the wake of being diagnosed with the Chinese coronavirus.

MICHAEL SAVAGE: How is my favorite lady on the planet next to my wife doing, Mrs. Trump?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: She’s doing fantastic. She says hello. I said I’d be speaking to you. It’s great to speak to you to.


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8 days ago

Another Click bait Headline. Where is your Editor?
Do You know the difference between Dan Savage and Michael Savage?

Joe Smith
Joe Smith
7 days ago

“Dan Savage”??? This is the ANOTHER instance (a continuation, actually) of the great MICHAEL Savage being disrespected by the media. Appalling!

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