Monday Update: Liberal Director Savaged For Calling On The FCC To Censor Fox News, Celtics Star Speaks Out On Vax Mandates, Rapper Says Morgan Wallen Not Racist

Wikimedia Commons, By Ahmet Yalçınkaya

We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate. 

 Here’s what happened today:


“Knocked Up” director Judd Apatow called for the Federal Communications Commission to censor Fox News on Saturday night, and was so ridiculed by the internet that he deleted his tweet. 

“Why doesn’t the FCC take away the license of Fox News?” He wrote on Twitter.

“The same reason they don’t take away your license to make movies: the constitution,” City Journal writer Christopher F. Rufo shot back. 

“The first amendment for one… and cause it’s the most popular news station for two…” Newsmax host Carl Higbie retorted. 

“Wanting the state to silence one’s adversaries is pervasive across time and culture — that’s why the 1st Am banned it — but until recently, people were embarrassed to explicitly advocate it,” Journalist Glenn Greenwald explained. 

“It is bizarre — surreal — that the people who have convinced themselves they are fighting fascism in the US vehemently demand a union of state and corporate power to silence their enemies,” Greenwald concluded


Freedom On Freedom 

Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter Freedom, a vocal human rights advocate, spoke out against vaccine mandates after recently becoming a U.S. citizen.

“You know, people should obviously vaccine yes, you know, save lives… but people should have freedom to choose if they want to get a vaccine,” he said in an interview last week.

He was prompted to speak out against mandatory vaccinations when a teammate argued that he should support personal freedoms, after Kanter Freedom urged people to get vaccinated. 

“He basically like called me out. He’s like ‘listen, you just changed your last name. That is what you said on that interview is everything you’re against, everything you stand for.’ And I stopped for a second, I think I was like ‘you know what, you’re right.’” Kanter Freedom remarked. 

He does not believe that NBA players will stand for a mandated booster in the league. “Because players are going to stand up and say ‘this is against freedom.’ I know some of my really close friends around the league, there’s no way you can make them do anything like that because that’s their body, that’s their choice.” 

‘I know some of the players like the one that I talked to, there’s no way you can make him do anything and that’s his body and you have to respect that,” he concluded.


Not Racist

According to Black hip-hop artist Lil Durk, Morgan Wallen isn’t a racist, despite the N-word scandal that threatened to sideline his career, but actually resulted in his album becoming the highest seller of 2021.

“Nah, he ain’t no racist, that’s my boy. We had a long talk, he had his public situation. We ain’t behind closed doors. I’d vouch for him in a minute. He’s good,” Durk remarked in an interview. 

“[Wallen] ain’t canceled, I talked to him,” he continued. “When I say you ain’t canceled, you ain’t canceled.”

The country star collaborated with Durk on the rapper’s single, “Broadway GIrls.”

“That song kind of came about over this summer, and I was really, really, really pumped on it,” Wallen said. “Durk commented on my Instagram. So I hit him up. Me and him had been talking a little bit throughout the year and kind of developed a friendship.”


COVID Canceled

After an underwhelming Golden Globes awards canceled live streaming, eliminated celebrities, and privatized their annual show on Sunday, two other major events have called it quits in 2022 over Omicron fears.

The Grammys, which were scheduled to air Jan. 31, have postponed their 2022 broadcast for the second year in a row. 

“The health and safety of those in our music community, the live audience, and the hundreds of people who work tirelessly to produce our show remains our top priority,” the Recording Academy stated

“Given the uncertainty surrounding the Omicron variant, holding the show on January 31 simply contains too many risks. We look forward to celebrating Music’s Biggest Night on a future date, which will be announced soon.”

The Sundance Film Festival also closed its Park City, Utah doors, and will revert back to the same entirely virtual format that was used during the pandemic last year.

“This was a difficult decision to make,” the festival said. “As a nonprofit, our Sundance spirit is in making something work against the odds.” 

“But with case numbers forecasted to peak in our host community the week of the festival we cannot knowingly put our staff and community at risk. The undue stress to Summit County’s health services and our more than 1,500 staff and volunteers would be irresponsible in this climate.”


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady ensured fellow New England expat Rob Gronkowski got his $1 million bonus, despite head coach Bruce Arians trying to bench him due to the team’s overwhelming lead over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

Gronkowski needed 85 yards in the game to complete his yardage incentive for the season, which he did in the first three quarters, but late in the fourth, he still needed one more catch to hit 55 for the year. 

Brady can be seen on camera saying what appears to be “I’m not sitting out,” to Arians, puts on his helmet, and throws a final short pass to Gronk that made the receiver $500k, before being yanked from the game.

Watch Brady show Arians who really runs the Bucs.



Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs was arrested for a DUI last week when cops discovered him passed out in his black Mercedes SUV in a parking lot, hours after his team destroyed the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday.

“I could smell a slight odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage emitting from his person as well as I observed Hobbs to have glassy watery eyes,” the arresting officer wrote in a report. “While talking with Hobbs, his speech was mildly mumbled.”

The 22-year-old NFL rookie claimed that “he was just tired and that is the reason he fell asleep behind the wheel in the parking garage,” but cops said he failed field sobriety tests and charged him.

Hobbs’ attorneys argued that “the facts and circumstances related by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to the news media leave serious concerns that this does not qualify as a DUI under Nevada law,” in a statement. 

Hobbs is the second Raiders player to be charged for a DUI this season. Wide receiver Henry Ruggs III’s November arrest stemmed from a high speed car crash that caused the death of a young woman and her dog.

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