Alec Baldwin’s Wife CAUGHT in Elaborate Con

Infamous anti-Trump actor Alec Baldwin is dealing with the fallout after his wife was caught in a years-long con.

According to Town Hall:

You’re going to get caught. This is the era of social media. Whatever you want to hide will be revealed. Whether that be wearing blackface or a Ku Klux Klan outfit, like Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, or being exposed as a race hoaxer, as was the case with Rachel Dolezal. Meanwhile, people are being harassed by the “woke” left-wing mob for engaging in cultural appropriation. This has been a police action for quite some time now. If you’re white, don’t you dare serve empanadas out of your food truck. It’s that sort of nonsense. Well, we have another white liberal peddling a racial hoax, and it so happens to be Alec Baldwin’s wife.

Yeah, “Hilaria” Baldwin is not her name. It’s just Hillary. Hillary Hayward-Thomas is her maiden name. She’s not from Mallorca, Spain. She has no accent. And she can definitely say “cucumber.” It’s all mentioned below, folks. Yep, for years, “Hilaria” has put on an Oscar-worthy performance playing the part of a Hispanic woman with a faux accent and all. In reality, she’s from a well-off white family from Massachusetts (via Daily Beast):

Last week, a Twitter sleuth sketched out how Hilaria Baldwin, the influencer wife of actor (and sometime SNL star) Alec Baldwin, has perpetrated “a decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person.”

Oh, busted. It’s always the white liberals who decide that they must become defenders of people of color to enhance their “woke” bonafides. It’s always the white liberals who act as the race and problematic police as well. And it’s always the white liberals who get caught. I mean, aside from them being cultural appropriation Nazis in the whitest parts of the country, they also make up stuff like the “Latinx” term regarding Hispanic people. Again, no one who is really Hispanic uses this term. It’s only white liberals.

Alec Baldwin always provides news when we least expect it.



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Sammy Morgan
Sammy Morgan
24 days ago

You need to pack your shit and get out of the United States. You’re a no good pos and take your sick family with you. Traitor !

23 days ago
Reply to  Sammy Morgan

Elaborate con. Give me a break. There is only one elaborate con. His initials are BHO. None of this fake crap please.

20 days ago

He’s trying to bury the story of his wife’s fake Spanish accent and saying her name is Hillaria, instead of what is actually is – Hillary. Somehow the Baldwins need to put on a phony air of being at one with the Hispanic people. What she is doing is the equivalent of black face. Putting on a phony accent and changing your first name does not make you Latin American. It makes you a pandering phony.

Pissed Off American
Pissed Off American
20 days ago

These people can not tell the difference from their acting careers and the real world. It’s all a stage and they are so caught up in LA LA Dream world that they think their opinion counts or what they do counts in the real world because they think they are all smarter than us and some how have power over us. when nobody cares I am waiting for the big one to push California off the coast and let them set on their money and floating BS .Another washed up has been actor trying to get another fifteen minutes of fame. .

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