Bill Murray Panned For Pandemic Comments

Wikimedia Commons, By Harald Krichel

“Ghostbusters” legend Bill Murray ruffled the feathers of woke Twitter with remarks he made about the pandemic, which some social media users interpreted as anti-mask. 

Murray gave an interview about his concert film, New Worlds: The Cradle of Civilization, which has been delayed for four years due to the pandemic. He discussed how the movie was more interesting than originally intended, as it showcases what the world was like prior to the emergence of COVID-19.

“We just went out with our friend to walk the dog, and you’re wearing a mask, everyone’s wearing a mask,” he remarked. “The dog is the only one who’s completely alive!”

“He’s living the dog’s life,” Murray continued. “The rest of us are afraid to die, and afraid to kill, so we’re masked up and we’re injected, and so forth. It’s the most challenging time of this life cycle for us.”

Naturally Twitter users lost their minds over the comedian’s observations. “We’re not “afraid to die, and afraid to kill.” We just don’t *want* to kill anyone, and would prefer not to die, and if that means a bit of fabric, well, suck it up,” one person angrily replied. 

“Speaking of a dog’s life, if the owners get sick and die from COVID, their dog’s life might end in a shelter,” another countered. “So the dog’s life is also protected when the owners mask up. Amazing how that works.”

“Slow down, Bill, before we’re entering Clapton territory,” one person snarked in a layup reference to anti-lockdown musician Eric Clapton.

They also took offense to Murray’s remarks about how the pandemic was this generation’s version of a worldwide hardship. “We didn’t have a world war or a depression, the things our ancestors had. This is the hand we got dealt and if you fold, you can’t win,” the actor stated.

“I love you, Bill, but I’d like to introduce you to 9/11,” a replier commented. 

“Don’t worry Bill there is still time,” said another. “Russia is working hard to bring us that world war while our GOP is handling the inflation, low wages depression thing for the rest of us.”

“Maybe he won’t feel so oppressed now that WWIII is nigh. Murray seems disconnected from reality if a mask makes him think a dog has a better life. Get a grip,” someone sniped. 

One Twitter user at least had the common sense to note that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was likely not underway at the time Murray gave the interview.  

“Of course it’s worth noting that these interviews are often done many months before they’re published, so the invasion of Ukraine would not have been something that was on anyone’s radars except the people who’s jobs it is to be.” They said.

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Janet Alman
Janet Alman
2 years ago

Good for him! Go for it!!!!!!