Boxing Legend Oscar De La Hoya Accused Of Sexual Assault

By JaneDavees - Own work, Public Domain,

Iconic boxer Oscar De La Hoya is reportedly being sued by a former female employee of sexual assault on multiple occasions in 2020.

The unnamed woman, who worked as an executive at Case Mexico Tequila, which De La Hoya partially owns, said she was assaulted by the 39-6 boxer two times when she was a new hire. 

On the first occasion, the filing states that De La Hoya showed up at her hotel door with his pants at his ankles and barged into the room. When he got into her bed, she pushed him off and escorted him back to his own, before retreating. 

The next day, she went to check up on De La Hoya in his hotel room after he failed to show up for a tour of one of Case Mexico’s distilleries. He did not answer when she knocked, and entered upon finding his door unlocked. She alleges that he pulled her into the room and sexually assaulted her. 

The suit, which was filed on Wednesday, claims the second assault occurred after they had a business dinner with a group who all returned to his home, where he penetrated her with a sex toy despite her objections. 

She said that she told the company’s founder about the assaults, but was brushed off.  She is also suing Casa Mexico for sexual harassment, gender discrimination, wrongful termination and negligence.  

This isn’t the first sexual assault accusation De La Hoya. He was accused of raping and imprisoning an 18-year-old woman while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 1998, but settled out of court when authorities refused to press charges. 

A California nurse alleged that the 10-time world title holder held her down and penetrated her with his fist against her will, when they were in a relationship in November 2017. She filed a lawsuit against him for sexual assault and battery in 2017.

“With the 24-hour news cycle we all find ourselves in, more often than not, malicious and unjust accusations are interpreted as truth without the evidence to support their erroneous claims,” De La Hoya said in a statement about the most recent accusations. “I am confident my legal team will resolve this matter and prove my innocence.”

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