Hackers Demand $42 Million Ransom From Lady Gaga And Madonna, Threaten Trump After Hacking Top Lawyer’s Secret File

Wikimedia Commons, By The White House from Washington, DC

A group of anonymous hackers are now demanding a $42 million ransom from music superstars Lady Gaga and Madonna after they hacked into the secret files of a A list Hollywood lawyer.

In addition, the hackers are now threatening to release supposedly damaging information on President Trump.

As Fox News reports:

The ransom demand for the secret files of a cyber-attacked lawyer to A-list stars has doubled to $42 million — as the hackers are now threatening to reveal “dirty laundry” on President Donald Trump in just a week if they are not paid in full.

Attorney Allen Grubman — the most prominent entertainment attorney in the world, whose firm represents stars including Lady Gaga, Madonna, Mariah Carey, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Priyanka Chopra and Bette Midler — was being shaken down by hackers who attacked his New York law firm for $21 million until today…

On Thursday, the hackers upped the ante by posting a chilling new message saying, “The ransom is now [doubled to] $42,000,000 … The next person we’ll be publishing is Donald Trump. There’s an election going on, and we found a ton of dirty laundry on time.”

They added, “Mr Trump, if you want to stay president, poke a sharp stick at the guys, otherwise you may forget this ambition forever. And to you voters, we can let you know that after such a publication, you certainly don’t want to see him as president … The deadline is one week.

The attorney has stated that he is refusing to negotiate with the hackers, pointing out that they might release the information even if they get the money and that such an act is considered by the FBI to be an act of terrorism.

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