Olympic Boxer Guilty of Killing Pregnant Girlfriend After Refusing Abortion

Serious male fighters punching in boxing ring. Pexels.
Serious male fighters punching in boxing ring. Pexels.

The U.S. District Court of Puerto Rico has found former Olympic boxer, Felix Verdejo, guilty of the heinous crimes of kidnapping and murdering his pregnant lover, Keishla Rodriguez, along with their unborn child. This shocking incident unfolded in April 2021 when Rodriguez refused to undergo an abortion.

After a lengthy 25-week trial, Verdejo was convicted on charges of kidnapping resulting in death and intentionally terminating an unborn child. However, the jury couldn’t reach a unanimous decision on additional charges related to car theft leading to death and carrying a weapon for the commission of a violent crime.

The case heavily relied on the testimony of Luis Antonio Cádiz, Verdejo’s alleged co-conspirator, who had confessed to his involvement. Cádiz’s account painted a vivid and disturbing picture of the brutal event, revealing Verdejo’s efforts to persuade Rodriguez to abort their baby.

Verdejo viciously attacked Rodriguez and allegedly administered what he thought was heroin, only to discover later that it was a deadly mix of fentanyl and xylazine. Verdejo callously threw Rodriguez off a bridge, tethered to a cement block, into a body of water, resulting in her tragic death. The gruesome murder took place in broad daylight, with multiple witnesses present.

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