Popular ‘Left-Wing’ Sports Radio Host Tweets “Red Wave Is Coming Tuesday”

Fox Sports Colin Cowherd, host of The Herd predicts a “red wave” is coming for Midterm elections. Unlike Jason Whitlock or other radio hosts who are right-wing, the Seattle-born and California resident Colin Cowherd leans “mostly left,” however, COVID-19 lockdowns and the decision to keep children out of school have made Cowherd predict that Republicans are going to win big in their Midterm election campaigns.

Cowherd is likely talking about Democrats support for seemingly endless extensions for COVID-19 lockdowns, and their effects on children. National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), more commonly known as the “Nation’s Report Card,” was released for the first time since 2019. Their findings proved exactly what those on the right have been saying would happen – children were being deprived of education and socialization, and the claim that Zoom classes are sufficient for a learning environment was nothing more than a lie.

NPR reports, “When you compare the most recent results to past years, it paints a stark picture: In 2022, the average fourth-grade math score decreased by 5 points to its lowest level since 2005. The average eighth-grade math score decreased by 8 points to its lowest level since 2003.” Along with a drop in education standards in the United States, and a country that already doesn’t live up to education standards when compared to other first-world countries, suicides and mental illnesses reached record highs. Simply, children weren’t given the education and socialization they required, and now as a result of political decisions, an entire generation was subjected to a strain on their mental health that wasn’t necessary for their age demographic.

Cowherd seems not only like he’s predicting the Republican party wins big throughout the Midterm elections – he seems like he’s hoping for it, “a price will be paid and hopefully a lesson learned.” Parents were not only forced to work from home or were fired from their jobs. On top of that, they had to manage their working schedule with children going through Zoom classes, and also need socialization. Throughout the struggles that nearly all Americans went through curing COVID-19 lockdowns, Democrats had next to nothing to offer the American people. Instead of looking at the bright side of the stats and showing the extremely low mortality rate, they made a simple virus out to be a plague, then, used COVID-19 lockdowns as a political tool in an attempt to blame people dying from the virus on the right.

People didn’t leave their homes and see their friends because Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis imploded they should, they’re normal people who have a need to socialize. Children are the exact same, and without socialization, their ability to communicate and grow will be stunted, and this is a risk that Democrats were willing to take for over a year.

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