Russian Citizen Steven Segal Doesn’t Think The Ukrainian Invasion Falls On Pal Putin

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Steven Seagal, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Washed-up action star Steven Seagal believes an “outside entity” provoked the crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

“Most of us have friends and family in Russia & Ukraine,” he commented on Monday. “I look at both as one family and really believe it is an outside entity spending huge sums of money on propaganda to provoke the two countries to be at odds with each other.”

“My prayers are that both countries will come to a positive, peaceful resolution where we can live & thrive together in peace,” he continued. 

Seagal has been a Russian citizen since 2016, when his martial arts buddy, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, awarded the “Above The Law” star citizenship through a presidential decree, and personally handed him a Russian passport. 

The “Under Siege” star gained Putin’s favor for his criticism of the U.S. government and support of Russia seizing Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. 

At the time, a Russian newspaper reported that Segal said Putin’s “desire to protect the Russian-speaking people of Crimea, his assets, and the Russian Black Sea military base in Sevastopol … is very reasonable.”

He also remarked that he “would like to consider [Putin] as a brother,” and that the United State’s policy on Ukraine was “idiotic.” Ukraine responded by banning Seagal from the country for five years, after labeling him a threat to national security.  

The “Fire Down Below” actor was named the country’s special envoy for humanitarian ties to the United States in 2018.

“I am deeply humbled and honoured to have been appointed as a special representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry in charge of Russian and American Humanitarian ties,” he tweeted at the time. “I hope we can strive for peace, harmony and positive results in the world. I take this honour very seriously.”

He went on to join and become the celebrity face of pro-Putin political party, A Just Russia — Patriots — For Truth, in 2021.

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2 years ago

Whom is he think he is, a person that others should follow? He has a dual passport, so please move to Russia right now and get out of our lives in the USA. Plus, kill the USA part and let the door kick him in the ass.