Seth Rogen Claims New Show Provokes White Supremacists

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Liberal actor Seth Rogen claimed his new show “Santa Inc.” has “pissed off tens of thousands of white supermacists,” but the low rated series was seemingly only viewed by that many people.

“We really pissed off tens of thousands of white supremacists with our new show #SantaInc which is now available on HBOMAX! (Please read the responses to this tweet for confirmation),” he tweeted last week. 


“Everyone must be a white supremacist, because I can’t find a positive review,” one commentor replied. “Have you considered the audience rating isn’t based on white supremacy, and that maybe~ it’s actually just not that good?” Another responded

Critics and viewers alike have universally panned the animated series about a high-ranking female elf in the North Pole, who sets out to become the first female Santa Claus. The show, which is voiced by Rogen and comedian Sarah Silverman, has a 4% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and was given one-star by viewers on

The reviewer at The Hollywood Reporter said the show was “proudly crude and immature without wholly abandoning the holiday spirit.” Variety called the show “a televised lump of coal.”

“The show’s attempted witty touches — making the reindeer, for instance, methamphetamine addicts in order to explain how they travel the globe so rapidly — tend toward the miscalibrated,” wrote reviewer Daniel D’Addario. 

“ When the show displays a visual wit or a loopy joy with wordplay, it makes it feel all the more like a waste of energy that it, elsewhere, depicts Mrs. Claus dancing on a candy-cane stripper pole. That doesn’t say anything, really; it just suggests a readiness to provoke.”

Twitter responses to Rogen’s tweet were equally unkind. “Dude, you cannot just define “white supremacists” as “people that don’t like my shitty movie,”” one replier accused. “People are tired of: “Christmas bad!” “America bad!” White people bad!” Get some new material.”

“So everyone who dislikes your movie is a white supremacist? Damn. I haven’t watched it yet, but that’s a lot of pressure for me to like it now. Like it, and I’m ok. Dislike it, and I’m white supremacist? Weird.” Another commented.

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1 year ago

I will not go to any movie because Seth Rogan might be in it.