Susan Sarandon Blasted For Tweeting Cops Attending Fallen Officer’s NYC Funeral Is Fascism

By GuillemMedina - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Liberal actress Susan Sarandon is facing fierce backlash for tweeting an image of thousands of police officers attending a New York City funeral for one of their own, and labeling the turnout as “fascism.”

Members of the NYPD and cops from around the country, lined city streets to mourn the loss of four-year veteran, Wilbert Mora, 27, who along with his rookie partner, Jason Rivera, 22, was shot in the head by a career criminal while responding to a Jan. 21 domestic dispute call in Harlem. 

Rivera died the same day, but Mora held on for four more on life support, before ultimately succumbing to his injuries and donating his organs.  

Sarandon posted a disgusting image that contained a photo of a sea of officers in dress blues, along with the caption, “I’m gonna tell my kids this is what fascism looks like.” 

Above the embedded tweet, the image said: “So, if all these cops weren’t needed for CRIME that day, doesn’t that mean they aren’t needed ANY day?”


Champagne socialist Sarandon was admonished by social media users for making the horrible post. “2 young men answering a call to help a mom with her abusive son were shot in the face and lost their lives. Those officers came from all across the country to show support,” said one replier. “Shame on you.”

Another pointed out that the “Thelma & Louise” star’s privilege was showing. “Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford gated communities or hilltop mansions with state of the art security in Stamford like you Susan. We need and appreciate the officers that keep us safe.” 

One sage user explained that the law enforcement officers at the funeral were on their own time, not the department’s, when they attended the service. 

“The overwhelming majority of those officers, including those from outside agencies, were off duty and on their own time. There were still the needed complement of on duty personnel assigned to patrol the city.” John Miller wrote.

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2 years ago

I,d shut up if I were you they need to stand for their own the government doesnt stand behind these people they stand behind the criminal you need to move into the real world