Actor Jim Carrey Slammed As Sleazeball After Creepy Encounter With Journalist

Anti-Trump actor Jim Carrey has been slammed and labed a ‘sleazebag’ after making an aggressive sexual remarks toward journalist Charlotte Long during a new interview. As The Daily Mail reports:

Jim Carrey has been dubbed a ‘sleazebag’ after he told a female journalist that the she was the ‘only thing left to do’ on his bucket list.

Charlotte Long interviewed the actor during a promotional junket for Sonic The Hedgehog.

She asked the 58-year-old what goals he still had left to accomplish in his life, to which Carrey replied: ‘Just you.’

In a video of the interview, the Heat magazine reporter laughs and says: ‘I don’t know what to say to that,’ with Jim replying: ‘Just own it’.

Carrey has been a long-time and vocal critic of President Trump, going so far as to share obscene drawings of Trump being violently attacked or killed.

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james corcoran
james corcoran
1 year ago